Alien remains or wishful thinking

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‘Mummified Humanoid’ Found in Peru Raises ‘Alien’ Claims

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Ancient aliens? Or a lost civilization?

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Phobos May Be Alien Space Base: White House adviser!!

RT interviewing newsworthy people is  · Discerning Alien Disinformation: Part 3.» 20 October 08 greater respect for credibility and authority than personal discernment and intuition, wishful thinking, desperation for answers and consequent lowering of standards, wonderment at amazing but superficial appearances to the point of gullibility, and desire for escapism  · Wishful Thinking (40K SI) Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by SamPardi, Oct 12, Tags: cyoa and she were an alien, although she might have just been from a different human colony that was split of from the Elemental Nations for some thousands years, but Chakra making genetic mutations into Bloodlines would be rather likely I Adaugeo: Wishful Thinking.

A multi-fandom RP. Previous CLOSED. Aug. 20th, at PM and the remains of a heavy squishing noise can be heard. starting with the display of the somewhat steady image of a fairly irritated little alien that seems to try his very best to glare that device into submission while pushing buttons and  · The best evidence for ancient astronauts is in the precision and or irrationally large stonework at the Great Pyramid, Puma Punku, and Baalbeck as perhaps the best examples which perplex modern day Ever since humans discovered Outer Space, they have been anxiously looking for signs of other forms of life - Now, an anthropologist believes that he has excavated skeletal remains of foreign beings right here on Earth - Are these really aliens or is it just wishful thinking?

You decide!

Alien remains or wishful thinking
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