An analysis of benjamin franklins autobiography

Benjamin Franklin’s Satire

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Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography: Analysis Benjamin Franklin's life can be summed up in two words, reading & writing. From loving reading since childhood to helping draft the Declaration of Independence, his life earned him the title of The First American.

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Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography: Analysis

Test your knowledge of The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin with our quizzes and study questions, or go further with essays on the context. Franklin's 13 Virtues analysis It seems that the main goal of Benjamin Franklin when creating and implementing his thirteen virtues was that he aimed to be a better person.

Franklin was successful in his goal of becoming a better person by having his thirteen virtues because he became self disciplined and he learned what it takes to overcome flaws.

Benjamin Franklin’s Autobiography, ed. Lemay and Zall,speaks of the “the turpi- tude of [Franklin’s] intrigues” and his ability to dissemble for the sake of different audiences. Benjamin Franklins life story is a testament to this. His inept potential was arguably not uncommon but the situation and life he was apart of facilitated his rise from humble beginnings to one of the most historically significant American dreamers to date.

Benjamin Franklin () Contributing Editor: David M. Larson Classroom Issues and Strategies. The primary problem involved in teaching Benjamin Franklin in an American literature course is persuading students to view Franklin as a writer.

An analysis of benjamin franklins autobiography
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The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin