Calculus formation relationship with plaque

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International Journal of Proteomics

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Eilberg, RG, Judy, K, Iovino, E, Kornfeld, P, Phelan, J & Ellison, R' Relationship between plaque mineralization in vitro and calculus formation in vivo. Glossary of Dental Clinical and Administrative Terms There are many terms used daily by dentists and their staff in the course of delivering care to patients, maintaining patient records and preparing claims.

The dental plaque biofilm is a complex, functional community of one or more species of microbes, together with their extracellular products and host compounds mainly derived from the saliva. 28 x 28 Lang, N.P., Mombelli, A., and Attstrom, R.

Dental plaque and calculus. Clinical periodontology and implant dentistry. Etiology – Local Calculus, Tooth Anatomy, Mouthbreathing Classical Periodontal Literature Review.

to describe the relationship between calculus formation and certain oral habits, Can cause an increase in plaque formation and a shift in microbial composition from healthy flora to one characteristic of periodontal disease.

Plaque concentrates mineralizing ions such as calcium, phosphate, magnesium, fluoride and carbonates from the saliva to provide the chemical environment for the precipitation and formation of calculus or dental tartar, a concretion that adheres firmly to the teeth.

de Liefde B, The decline of caries in New Zealand over the past 40 years, NZ Dental Journal, Sept 94 () In New Zealand, as elsewhere, caries prevalence has declined since the s; this has been accompanied by a change in the intra-oral pattern of the disease.

The Role of Dental Plaque Biofilm in Oral Health Calculus formation relationship with plaque
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