Comparison of reliance mutual fund with

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Reliance Value Fund (G)

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Mutual Fund Scheme Comparison

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Prior to joining SBIFM, Dinesh was a fund manager with L&T Investment Management and Reliance Group for four years. Dinesh started his career in as a fixed income dealer on the sell side.

Thereafter he worked in leading broking outfits for eight years before moving on the buy side in This is a guest post by CA Karan Batra, Accounting and Tax Consultant based in New Delhi.

Mutual Fund Charges.

Performance Comparison

We all know that investing in equities through mutual funds is a great option for an individual as mutual funds not only employ professional management but also have experience of investing in equities and are a safer and better bet as compared to directly investing in equities which.

Mutual funds offer various options based on the financial goals of investors. But they should be wary of choosing the right fund, according to Sundeep Sikka, executive director and chief executive officer at Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd.

Reliance Balanced Advantage Fund (D) - Explore Reliance Balanced Advantage Fund (D) for information, and updates on latest NAV, performance, dividends, portfolio holdings. You can also invest in Reliance Balanced Advantage Fund (D) at sir i am first time invest in mutual funds, and i will decied to first choice invest in 1) sbi pharma fund (g)/month 2)Reliance pharma fund(g)/month 3)Uti pharma and healthcare fund (g)/month.

INTERPRETATION: Reliance is the most preferred mutual fund for people followed by, SBI Magnum Schemes, Sundaram, HSBC, Birla Sun Life, UTI, ICICI Prudential, Franklin India, JP Morgan and Others respectively. According to NAV comparison Reliance Growth is the top performing mutual fund and SBI Midcap is at the ninth position.

• High P/E.

Comparison of reliance mutual fund with
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