Data protection and freedom

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The data protection bill is yet another legal threat to UK press freedom

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Freedom of Information & Data Protection

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It applies to personal data regardless of the format in which the data is held in (in other words, it applies equally to paper and electronic records). Data Protection and Freedom of Information.


Data protection and Freedom of Information

Describe the main points of the Data Protection Act and Freedom of Information Act Illustrate the “things you need to know” about Data Protection (DP) and Freedom of Information (FOI). University of Birmingham School Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy.

1 University of Birmingham School Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy Review Frequency Every 2 years Review date June The Data Protection Act () establishes eight enforceable principles that must be adhered. 2 2. The “mission statement” is not surprising.

The Commissioner is the UK’s data protection regulator, and also the regulator for the UK’s new freedom of. The current Data Protection Registrar, Elizabeth France, has questioned whether the FoI/Data Protection interface would be unnecessarily complicated in practice (see House of Commons Library Research Paper 99/ The FoI Bill Data Protection Issues).

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Data protection and freedom
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