Examining sustainable urban transportation

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Lyft’s move can help it become a more sustainable, multimodal and less car-centric transportation service, one that could be a better partner with the cities in which it operates. Students will gain a deep understanding of sustainable urban development and how smart technology and urban analytics can be combined to create solutions for the cities of the future.

Active Transportation for a Healthy, Sustainable Planet. SPIA Active Transportation for a Healthy, Sustainable Planet examining a challenging case. Dear Colleagues, At the start of the 21st century, humanity is a predominantly urban species.

This special issue is about the future of cities and how urbanisation will develop when based on principles of sustainability. Equity Evaluation of Sustainable Mileage-Based User Fee Scenarios by Mark Burris* Texas A&M University Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) in Tampa, Florida.

MIT Department of Urban Studies and Planning

Dr. Burris is a member of the Equity Evaluation of Sustainable Mileage-Based User Fee Scenarios By Mark Burris, Sunghoon Lee, Tina Geiselbrecht, Richard Baker, and. Vivek Shandas is a Professor of Urban Studies and Planning and the Research Director for the Institute for Sustainable Solutions at Portland State University.

Dr. Shandas' research aims to address policy relevant questions by examining the feedbacks among urban form, governance systems, and human health and well-being.

In addition, I am studying the consequences of global urbanization, mortgage lending, urban planning and design, sustainable transportation issues, and the.

Daniel A. Rodríguez Examining sustainable urban transportation
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