Finding freedom

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Finding Freedom

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Discover Your True Identity: An 8-Week Journey on Body Image & What It Truly Means to be Beautiful

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Finding Freedom

October 12, Finding Freedom by Brittany Nicole Lewis is about a young girl named Katie, who feels the need to escape the controlling cult she was born into.

"Finding Freedom is a powerful tool that has transformed my heart and soul. I have been struggling with body image issues for most of my life, but I have never experienced healing like Finding Freedom was able to show me.

Finding Freedom After Fleeing Chaos and Violence

I was able to find the root of my pain and walk with the Lord while he healed me. Listen to Finding Freedom founder Tera Shatsky’s interview on The Dacus Report.

Let’s Keep Talking Finding Freedom International is a (c) 3 California nonprofit organization. In this series we explore the path to freedom that God provides in the Scriptures.

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Subscribe to the Freedom Philly Audio Podcast in iTunes! Series: Finding Freedom. Finding Freedom Join Alyssa Bethke and Sadie Robertson for an 8-week study on loosening the chains caused by the lies we tell ourselves. They share their personal stories of battling eating disorders and lies, coupled with the key truths and tools they used to find freedom.

Finding freedom
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