Journalism copywriting a name

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Journalists vs. Copywriters: Who Wins the Brand Publishing Battle?

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How to Write an Effective Boilerplate

When a century reader clicks on an experience and is redirected to a new thesis. Zekra Rahman is an experienced PR professional and former journalist with 14 years' experience in the media industry. At Colour PR, her specialisms include performing arts, film, music, retail, architecture, arts education, travel and hospitality.

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We are the #1 source for freelance writing jobs. First Name * Last Name * Email (for us to contact you) *. Coming from a background that mixes work in both journalism and marketing-oriented copywriting, switching between mindsets is definitely one of the bigger challenges.

Journalism can be much more "structured" in what publications and editors will look for and accept. ABBOT, Phil: KBET, Phil died December 28, of natural causes. He was “Phil was an Old School radio professional,” said Patrick Leonard, Abbot’s colleague and Salem Media’s director of marketing and public relations.

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Journalism copywriting a name
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