Kines 452

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Departmental List - Quantification

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P: Grad st & Kines or cons inst. Physical Activity and Health. I or II or SS; 2 cr. Research evidence of the relationship of physical exercise and physical fitness to cardiovascular disease, low back pain, osteoporosis, diabetes, gout, cancer, and pulmonary disease.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. KN Advanced Exercise Physiology. 3 hours.

Kinesiology (KNES)

Qualitative Research in Kinesiology and Nutrition. 3 hours. Introduces the logic, utility and practices of qualitative research; describes methods for conceptualizing, gathering, managing and interpreting qualitative data concentrating on interviewing, visual and ethnographic methodologies.

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Mf - Bag on the Table The Irish Recruit [Laws J 8]. Us - Kerry Recruit Irish Reel. Doucet, East Star, Fiddler FLRPLP (), trk# A ; Doucet, Tom. sph-k motor learning sph-k practicum in coaching: sph-k professional diver development sph-k lab teaching in phys educ sph-k pract in kines & ath sph-k field exp in fitness & wellnes sph-k research in kinesiology sph-k lab asst/field exp sprts kines sph-k internship in exercise science sph-k computer appl.

To earn an Associate in Arts/Science degree: 1.

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Complete a minimum of 60 degree applicable units with an overall grade point average of or better.

Kines 452
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