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Van Gerwen and Clayton easily through to finals day in Minehead

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Michael Clayton

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Michael Clayton (2007)

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Dr. Michael Clayton PH.D.

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Michael Clayton is a member of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Forum. New Member, Male, Upon first inspection, I thought this movie was called The Truth Can Be Adjusted and was billing the unknown Michael Clayton over star George Clooney for some reason.

It turned out I was completely wrong about all of that; Michael Clayton is the title and "The Truth Can Be Adjusted" is just a stated opinion, presumably of George Clooney/Michael Clayton.

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10 Years Later: Michael Clayton

Moderators have final discretion. Posts: Why does Michael Clayton smile in the ending scene in the taxi? (lemkoboxers.comlm) submitted 4 years ago by cosmogonic. Throughout the whole movie, Michael Clayton realizes that he's just the janitor for the big guys, just cleaning up, fixing their mess.

Clayton then jumped into the world's top 32 with a run to his first TV final at the Players Championship Finals, where he was eventually defeated by Michael van Gerwen. Further appearances in the World Championship and UK Open followed before Clayton's progress continued with victory on the European Tour in April at the Austrian Darts Open.

Michael clayton final
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