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The word "nescience" is listed in many dictionaries. It comes from a Latin word that literally means "not knowing" or the absence of knowledge or awareness. In common usage many years ago, it is very seldom used now and it once was not quite as harsh as the word "ignorance" even though some.

Please note, this event is sold out. A discussion with The Mount’s Writers-in-Residence: Elif Batuman, Buzzy Jackson and Kate Reed Petty, moderated by Writer-in-Residence, Donna M. Lucey The Edith Wharton Writers-in-Residence – Elif Batuman, staff writer for The New Yorker a. Writers in the House, Quito (Quito, Ecuador).

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The Republic’s Wrong Vision For The Wright House. And Political Nescience

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It. nescience, n. “Ignorance; lack of knowledge” (Roget’s Thesaurus) (pronounced NESH-ens).

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Why is there a picture of a cat by the word nescience, you ask?! ‘This living entity, covered by the influence of nescience, exists in different forms in the material condition.’ ‘It reminds me somewhat of the collusion between cynicism and innocence, in which nescience is the very form that jaded dyspepsia takes.’.

Nescience writers house
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