Russian police routinely torture or abuse around half of their suspects with electroshock and asphyx

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The “Stamp of Guantanamo”

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U.S. Torture: A Sordid History Of Official And Systematic Abuse

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Jun 09,  · Russians Charged With Racketeering June 09, | Law enforcement agencies announced on Wednesday a litany of charges against 33 people — including 27 who were allegedly associated with a Russian crime syndicate. Amnesty International reported on allegations of Chechen locals, that Russian military forces in Chechnya rape and torture local women with electric shocks, when electric wires are connected to the straps of their bra on their chest.

Violence and torture are also venerable Russian traditions stretching from the police and gendarmerie of Tsarist Russia to the repressions of the Soviet regime. The final and main cause is the total absence of so‐called ‘political will’ on the part of authorities to stop torture. Human Rights Watch research in on police torture found that corruption and abuse were the rule rather than exception.

Criminal justice officials were known to solicit and accept bribes to drop charges and investigations.

Russian police routinely torture or abuse around half of their suspects with electroshock and asphyx
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