Technology transfer with smes

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships: what they are and how to apply

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Passive Houses are affordable

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SMEDAN Seeks Chinese SMEs’ Partnership on Technology Transfer

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Universities, research centres and technology transfer officers

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New aerospace casting milestone for UK’s sole titanium caster. Castings Technology International (Cti) has reached a new milestone by producing the first large-scale, c. Because of SMEs' limited resources and relative inability to absorb the costs and risks associated with in-house technology development, they must often utilise the process of technology transfer to take advantage of the benefits gained by technology and innovation.

An Overview of Technology Transfer and The main objective of this paper is to draw attention to the problems commonly faced by SMEs in planning and implementing technology transfer and argue that a holistic approach needs to be adopted by SMEs to. Knowledge Transfer @ CERN.

Knowledge management

Do you work for CERN and have a project with potential positive impact on society? The European Investment Fund (EIF), part of the EIB Group, is announcing a new EUR 2 billion Asset Management Umbrella Fund (AMUF) to attract new risk capital investments for SMEs across Europe over the next three years.

Technology transfer with smes
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